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Author Archives: Ken

Altoids MP3 Player

Altoids MP3 Player (gotta love great things in hidden packages ) Creative Zen Mirco Photo 8gig MP3 Player

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Home Movies

New: A Day at the Beach… in 1955! Chapter 4 of the collection. The Cleanup: Helping a good friend cleanup her father’s yard… and playing with the toys along the way. Local YouTube Bicycle Race Bicycle Race Orchid Cactus Orchid Cactus UK Rough Cut UK Rough Cut Random Cuts Random Cuts 16mm Film Example — … Continue reading »

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My Hometown

My Hometown (now you all know where I grew up) Thursday, July 06, 2006 Yes. I am VERY serious. We were number one in the ’80s, and they supposedly took care of the problem in the early ’90s, but as far as I know, we never left the top 10. We are now back for … Continue reading »

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Dream Diary – First Contact Between Species

Dream Diary – First Contact Between Species (they are my dreams, read but don’t touch) Monday, June 12, 2006 I should have woken up and written this one sooner, but I ended up sleeping more. On the home world of the slightly humanoid alien species number one, there is a world conference taking place. The … Continue reading »

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AIDS/LifeCycle 5

AIDS/LifeCycle 5 (not only a bicycle journey, but also a life journey) Sunday, June 11, 2006 AIDS/LifeCycle 5 San Francisco to Los Angeles 7 Days 585 Miles 400 Roadies 1840 Riders $8,000,000 Fundraised (so far) The AIDS/LifeCycle was once again an amazing adventure. This year I decided to go as a roadie, and managed to … Continue reading »

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