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My Hometown

Posted by on July 6, 2006

My Hometown
(now you all know where I grew up)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yes. I am VERY serious. We were number one in the ’80s, and they supposedly took care of the problem in the early ’90s, but as far as I know, we never left the top 10. We are now back for a number of reasons, including the development of warehouses on land that was previously dairy farms. Supposedly, this mix of cow exhaust and diesel exhaust is creating a new kind of super pollution. Sounds like a fun place to live doesn’t it?

Those of you who have lived here or grew up here know the truth. We are the unhealthiest place to live in the nation, and if this article isn’t enough, I have one word for you: Stringfellow. It sends chills down me when I hear that name, as have spent 90% of my life with in 2 miles of those waste ponds.

If I may quote a local developer: “The right to breathe clean air is not a right as defined by statute. It’s a luxury.”

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