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Dream Diary – First Contact Between Species

Posted by on June 12, 2006

Dream Diary – First Contact Between Species
(they are my dreams, read but don’t touch)

Monday, June 12, 2006

I should have woken up and written this one sooner, but I ended up sleeping more.

On the home world of the slightly humanoid alien species number one, there is a world conference taking place. The ‘congress’ is sitting in adobe seats in an open air amphitheater, while the world leader and his security are up in an adobe tower, with a very large open balcony. These are moderately advanced creatures, but have yet to achieve space travel and still use adobe as their main building material. Each building has a tall smoke stack coming off the top.

As the leader is giving his long dull speech, his congress his falling asleep on him. In the middle of his droning, the balcony lights up in a line of fire shooting straight for him. The leader and his security dive to the side just as a space craft materializes and lands were he stood.

A representative comes out of the craft. This species also looks humanoid, but not on the same level as the first. The security in the rear of the chamber make aggressive moves toward him, but the representative quickly draws a weapon and paralyzes them. He then walks forward toward the opening, and using the silence that the shock of the landing produced he starts to talk to them in their own language. He explains to them how this is a turning point in their history, and through their history, the whole galaxies history. He tells of how half their population has a genetic anomaly that allows them to be controlled vocally. In the uproar, a small black object flies toward him from his ship; he places this in his mouth and then speaks one sharp command. At this, half the audience springs to their feet, standing at attention straight as a board. This sudden movement causes everyone to fall deathly silent.

Quietly giving the release command, he continues his speech over the murmurs in the crowd, explaining the need to overcome this genetic difference and how they need to prepare themselves against their would-be controllers. He talks of both basic local defenses, such as using their adobe chimneys as back doors with ladders, and of global high tech defenses.

Once again, I awoke before the dream could continue… so I have yet another segment of some future story. I swear that one day I am going to write something that contains all of these in one way or another.

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