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Dream Diary – The space dream

Posted by on March 14, 2002

Dream Diary – The space dream
(if i find this in your book one day, i’ll sue)

Thursday, March 14, 2002

This dream takes place here on earth, not too far into the future. Human kind has been contacted by another race, a race who is willing to share their space drives with us and who is willing to teach us how to fly their craft. As I sit there, I day dream about becoming a pilot and about finally being able to go to space. Of course I can fulfill this dream simply by signing up for the alien’s pilot school, which is readily accessible. Only, I recognize this feeling… it’s like the aliens have a sort of leash on us when we are using their drives. Since we don’t know all that there is behind their drives, we find that we are always in their dept and always dependent on them. While I sit there thinking about signing up I watch a space port, or actually a group of space ports, that are currently launching. These ports are the human ports, the ones that still use the older style human space craft… the rebels. These launches total to about 20 craft, all of whom are going across the sky at the same time. Truly awesome to watch these magnificent human craft soar across the sky. I realize that’s what I have been wanting… to feel that pull of multiple gravities holding me down, that roar in my ears from the engine, that completely human built machine pushing me forever upwards.

Dream ends with the thought that I could join this rebel group. Maybe first take the aliens pilot classes so that I could be cross-trained in both ship types, incase I ever need to fly one of theirs for some reason.

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