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Dream Diary – The Boy and the Spirit

Posted by on May 29, 2006

Dream Diary – The Boy and the Spirit
(this one turned a little weird)

Monday, May 29, 2006

I had a pretty wild and vivid dream last night, so I wanted to share it here. Hopefully I can remember all the parts and explain it correctly.

The story starts in a Harry Potter like setting. A special school set up in a large castle, were the young students have specific studies. The main character is a wiz with electronics and builds a small hand held electronic device that produces an energy bubble, almost force field like, about 7 feet in diameter, and about 20 to 30 feet in front of him. His friend and he decide to try it out by having the friend stand were the bubble will appear and turning it on. Once inside the activated bubble, they experiment with moving around, realizing that they can move at the same pace and keep the friend inside the bubble. They start running down the large gothic hallway, going faster and faster until they are running as fast as they can, the friend in the bubble and him behind with the controller.

Inside this castle school is a large cylindrical chamber, with a stone bridge spanning the middle supported at both ends and without railings. The chamber itself is well over 300 feet across, and has a perfectly domed ceiling, but seemingly no floor as it is too dark to see it. In their efforts to run as fast as they can, our two friends find themselves in the middle of this chamber without realizing it. Once our main character, in the back with the controller, realizes were he is and stops running, pausing at the center of the bridge, while his friend runs on with out realizing he lost his follower. As he stands there, he takes a peak over the edge, but looses his balance and falls. Just in time he is able to grab the edge, only to slip. Instantly, he uses the sphere producing electronic device he has, but it only teases him by holding him there for a moment before he falls for the last time, disappearing in a flash of green light.

The occupant of this room is something very similar to an Ent, the large tree folk from Lord of the Rings, looking like a large tree with a couple small human features. Our main character finds himself possessing this Ent, but on a spiritual level, not the physical side, turning him into a free floating spirit.

The dream then cuts to a scene outside of the castle school, in a city nearby, where our spirit is watching people run though their day with out being seen. He watches as a criminal and his friend commit a crime, but as the criminal tries to escape our spirit stops him with a physically disabling blow, but also reveals himself in the process. The spirit hits the friend so hard that he ends up in the back seat of a nearby car, but is still conscious. Then as the spirit resumes his attention on the first criminal, the second one manages to shoot him with some kind of large caliber weapon from the backseat. The spirit disappears and the first criminal thanks his friend for saving him. Then the dream ends, without knowing what happened to the main character / spirit.

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